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Jefferson City, MO’s Custody Lawyer

The attorney’s primary focus is on the protection of your children. They are knowledgeable and skilled in the child custody process, such as drafting pleadings, parenting plans, holiday and visitation schedules, and child support calculations. When there are changes in life circumstances, such as earnings or residence, it may require a modification to an existing custody agreement. Whether you are a parent (mother or father) to a child born out of wedlock, a grand-parent, foster parent or otherwise connected to a child and you are seeking to obtain custody or visitation rights, our lawyers have both the experience and endurance for the complexity of issues that arise in these cases. Our experienced trial attorneys understand these difficult and often delicate situations and will work earnestly to ensure the safety and well-being of the children involved. Our legal team endeavors to promote healthy relationships between parents and children by establishing a legal framework that is both safe and effective for all partiers. Our firm is well-equipped to guide you through the legal process while giving strict attention to detail to promote a favorable outcome.

Testimonials from Previous Clients

“The best decision I ever made! If you love your kid and want what is best for them. If you truly deserve to raise them. This is the attorney you want to represent your case. I couldn’t have asked for a more moral, ethical and caring person to attend to, during the most difficult of times, the most important issue I will have faced in my life.   Thank you.”


“I will NEVER, EVER forget what you all did and how diligently and compassionately you acted on myself and the girls behalf.”


“I just cannot thank all of you enough for the effort and amount of dedication that has been put forth into helping me and my kids. It has been 4 years of court battles and fights with DFS and Child Support Division and not one person has accomplished a single thing on behalf of my kids despite the obvious. I was uncontrollably shaking today when I got the news about this small yet undeniable victory that something is FINALLY being accomplished. I am forever grateful to everyone in your office. It has been so hard fighting this. Being a single dad is an almost impossible fight to win. We are shunned by everyone as the automatic bad guy. Thank you thank you thank you.”


“ . . . you have totally exceeded our expectations and they were very high to start with. It wasn’t even like I have been dealing with a lawyer more like a friend if that makes any sense. Once again thank you so much for everything you’ve done.”