Looking to grow your family through adoption? There are some details you should be aware of. Each state's adoption laws may vary, and depending upon the method of adoption you're looking at, the process may be more complicated than you'd expect.

It's important to have an advocate who will work with you through the adoption process and offer explanations and guidance each step of the way. An adoption attorney can help handle complicated paperwork. Our firm is a tireless advocate for children and has over 35 years' combined experience in helping families grow through the joy of adoption. As you begin to consider your options, reach out to our firm for assistance in understanding the different types of adoptions.

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Different Types of Adoption

There are many different ways when it comes to adopting a child, and some of them may not be applicable in Missouri. Below are some of the most common methods of adoption.

Through an Agency

Public and private adoption agencies exist to help place children with adoptive parents. These agencies are licensed by the state to place children. Public agencies usually help children who have become wards of the state because they've been abandoned or abused. Private agencies are usually run by charities or social service groups and place children who've been given up by parents or expectant parents.

Independent Adoption

In these cases, adoption takes place as a direct arrangement between adoptive parents and birth parents. Sometimes this involves a third party as a go-between. These cases are often delicate and best served by an attorney because of the amount of paperwork.

Identification Adoption

A mixture of both agency and independent adoption, these adoptions involve adoptive parents finding a birth mother who wants to place her child for adoption; an adoption agency then takes over the rest of the process.

Stepparent Adoption

This happens when a parent's new spouse wishes to adopt the parent's child from a different partner. If both birth parents consent, this is often a fairly uncomplicated process. If one of the parents does not consent, however, an attorney should be involved due to the amount of time and paperwork necessary.

International Adoption

The most complicated type of adoption is international adoption. This method requires adoptive parents to not just follow the laws of their home country but also those of the country from which they wish to adopt. It requires filing for an immigrant visa for the child. These adoptions are heavily regulated and require agencies to be certified by the State Department. International adoption is also very costly.

Relative Adoption

Another easy type of adoption, relative adoptions happen when a child's relative—such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle—steps forward to adopt them. These usually happen in the case of death or incapacitation of birth parents.

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